Peter White

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Head 1. 15x13cm.Graphite.

Head 2. 15x13cm. Graphite.

Head 3. 15x13cm. Graphite.

Head 4. 20x17cm. Graphite.

Head 5. 15x13cm. Graphite.

Head 6. 15x13cm. Graphite.

Head 7. 15x13cm. Graphite

Head 5. 15x13cm. Graphite.

Tin. 15x13cm. Graphite

Bottle 1. 15x13cm. Graphite.

Bottle 2. 15x13cm. Graphite.

Pot. 15x13cm. Graphite.

The graphite head drawings are done from prisoner identity photographs. These photographs were taken by the authorities at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, and Lubyanka secret police headquarters in Moscow. These prisoners had almost everything taken from them; their homes, their families, their possessions, their names, their hair, their lives. In some cases this thin photograph is all that remains as evidence of the person's existence. It can represent a place where so little is left on the surface but which is so deep - a place of apparent emptiness which is so full. The quiet space between breathing out and breathing in.

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